Typical Applications for Plasma Power Supplies

Plasma power supplies are devices used in plasma generation equipment and are mainly direct current or radio frequency power supply units. Plasma equipment is used in environments that have precisely controlled conditions. These environments should not present the safety hazards or liquid wastes that are seen in etching and wet cleaning. The plasma power supply units may be used for many different applications.

Types of Plasma Power Supplies

There are plasma power supplies that use radiofrequency power supply and others that use direct current power supply. When you talk of radiofrequency power supply, you will find that it provides high power density and is able to eliminate the need for using front-end power conversion equipment, like the DC-to-DC converters. On the flip side, a DC power supply is able to deliver increased throughput and this is seen as an important feature in demanding applications such as the flat panel displays.

Uses of Plasma Power Supplies

It is most likely that you have seen the plasma power technology in use. These power units are used in applications such as plasma etching, sputtering, chemical vapor deposition coating, and physical vapor deposition coating.

For example, the flat panel displays utilize the physical vapor deposition coating application. In plasma etching, it helps remove both organic and inorganic contamination while being able to increase wet ability and the strength of bonding of materials. It also gets rid of residues from different kinds of materials.

The plasma power supplies have found widespread usage in thermal spray coating, welding and metal cutting as well as the melting and remelting of steel. You may find them being used in waste remediation also.

In designing the plasma power supply units, manufacturers tend to emphasize on power rating, input voltages, duty cycles, and whether single phase or three phase power. Like us on facebook.

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