Upgrading the Drainage Systems in Westford, MA

Water in a basement can cause major issues. The relentless assault will damage stored items and eventually create excessive damage to the home’s foundation. One way to help prevent this catastrophe is to improve the drainage system around the basement. This will help to ensure that excess water doesn’t leak into the basement and that the foundation isn’t continually exposed to water. These are some of the ways that drainage systems can be improved.

One way to improve drainage systems in Westford MA, is with the installation of a sump pump. A drain is installed around the perimeter of the basement. The pump then helps to remove the excess water for the basement and drains it out of the home. This system works in places where rainfall and soil moisture are a constant issue for the foundation, such as home’s built near a river or in an area that was once a swamp.

Another way to help improve drainage is with the replacement of old drainage piping. Many homes have inadequate drainage systems because of the age of their pipes. Old pipes have issues with leakage and blockages. They also may not be laid properly to take advantage of gravity flow. Often, they can not handle all of the demands placed on them. Any leaks may not be noticed until well after significant damage has occurred. Replacing these worn out pipes is a simple solution to an upgrade in the solution.

Wrapping the basement and installing a french drain outside is another way to improve drainage systems in Westford MA. The wrapping prevents the excessive water from seeping through the foundation. The french drain is also dug around the foundation. It takes all of that excess water and directs it to the drainage piping. This keeps water from pooling around your home’s foundation after rain or snow melting.

These are some of the ways that the drainage system in your home can be improved. The method you choose will depend on the water issues that you have. Contact Drycrete Waterproofing to discuss the best upgrade that will help protect your home’s foundation from too much water.

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