Waste Oil Heaters Richmond VA

Oil Heaters Richmond VA that burn waste oil use green technology to provide environmentally friendly heat to your business. Any business that generates waste oil products can start burning it for free heat. This applies to garages, oil change lube shops, fleet garages, and many other types of businesses. You can burn used motor oil, hydraulic brake fluid, transmission fluid, and other petroleum products in specialized heaters. This eliminates propane, diesel and/or natural gas costs for heating the area. You can save your business thousands of dollars per year, every year. That may help keep your business competitive in the local and/or global market.

Commercial Waste Oil Heaters in Richmond VA come in different sized models that can heat from 4,000 square feet up to 9,000 square feet. They are UL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories) for safety and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved. The prices of these heaters costs less than one season of heating with propane. Your business can also receive energy tax credit in many states and help you see a full return on your investment in less than one year. You already have the waste oil available and if you don’t burn it for heat, you need to cover the costs of proper disposal. You can purchase waster oil heaters online, but the biggest manufacturers of these heaters prefer to sell them via an authorized equipment dealer.

The dealer can help you choose which heater would work best for your needs. You can also get heaters installed professionally and serviced if needed when you go through a dealer. VICEVA.com can provide you with information on heater manufacturers, such as Clean Energy and Firelake, for example. Waste Oil heaters can be mounted on a tank or to a wall or ceiling. Dealers of heaters also carry other business equipment including pressure washers, lawn and garden equipment, and light tractors. Some also carry equipment for residential use, especially lawn and garden machines like lawn mowers and tillers. Look into a waste oil heater and compare the price of one to your current costs of heating your shop and current costs of disposal of waste oil.

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