What are the Advantages of Custom CNC Machining?

Today, many businesses are seeing the benefits of custom CNC machining services. However, not everyone knows about this kind of service, and if your business utilizes machined parts or other materials, you may be able to benefit from CNC machining.

What is CNC?

CNC is computer numeric control and it refers to a machining process which is done automatically. Once the program is installed, the machine can take care of the rest of the work. In fact, there is very little for the operator to do. Here are some of the reasons to hire a company for custom CNC machining services.

Eliminate Operator Error

When a piece is machined manually, a lot of steps must be taken. For example, someone must set up the machine and install a drill or other tool to machine the materials. Afterward, the piece to be worked on must be secured, and the entire machining operation must be performed by the operator. One slight mistake or wrong movement can turn a precision part into scrap.

When one utilizes custom CNC machining, errors are almost completely eliminated. For example, a piece may require several steps and a specific type of work. All of these steps can be programmed into the machine, and it will perform each step exactly the same way every time, with stunning accuracy. Once you eliminate operator error, you can produce perfect materials or parts each and every time.

Less Testing and Quality Control

With computerized machining, there is less need for quality control, and the reason is simple. Each piece is identical, so testing only needs to be periodic, to ensure the machine is running properly. With manual machining, each piece should be inspected if you want to maintain high measures of quality control, and this slows down production and raises operating costs.

Improved Accuracy

With some types of machining, it is almost impossible to create parts with extreme tolerances. However, with the help of custom CNC machining services, you can receive materials machined to ten thousands of an inch. Plus, you can be assured of this kind of accuracy.

Fewer Skilled Workers Required

A custom CNC machine service does not have to hire a great deal of highly skilled machinists to do their work. This allows them to create parts for you at a much lower cost, and the savings is passed on to you. When you get precision parts for less, you can charge less for your products and this can keep you one step ahead of the competition.

If your typical custom CNC machining needs are between one and one thousand pieces, you can depend on Jifco Products, Inc. for high quality workmanship and fast turnaround times. We specialize in these types of orders, and you can contact us online by visiting our website for more details.

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