What Is A Hanging Room Divider & What Can You Do With One?

What Is A Hanging Room Divider & What Can You Do With One?

Let’s make it clear from the start that we are not talking about an execution (by hanging) room. What we are looking at here is a way of breaking up the space inside an existing room into one or more separated areas that could either allow for different activities to be taking place; or hide the area in one space from the view of people in the other space. In other words, how can you split up an existing room into smaller spaces?

Room Dividers

The starting point for this is to have an indoor space that is large enough to be broken up into a number of separate spaces by means of room dividers. Obviously, you will have to plan the layout for your dividers in line with space available and the function that you want each partition to serve. Then, decide if this is to be a permanent arrangement or one that can be put into place quickly and then opened up again just as quickly.

  1. Permanent Division – simply put in curtain walls and create separate rooms. A fairly permanent arrangement that requires major home improvement work.

  2. Solid Partitioning – usually wood or paneling that can be unfolded or slid out from the walls and drawn across the room to insulate one side from the other in terms of both sight and sound. Easy to draw across and pull back but still a fairly major home improvement.

  3. Curtain Room Dividers – using relatively thick, pleated textile curtains to separate one part of a room from another is not only cost effective (compared to the above) but it also offers a greater degree of flexibility since it is quick to install and can easily be taken away if no longer required.

They are good for visually isolating one space from another but provide no real sound insulation.

Installing Curtain Room Dividers

In essence, these are not much different from your window drapes in so much as they have to be hung on some sort of upper rod or rail. This is why a divider of this type might be referred to as a Hanging Room Divider.

Having planned everything and purchased the materials, the next step is to put up the support rail. This can be done in two basic ways: –

  1. Affix each end of the rod to the wall on either side of the room.

  2. Install fittings into the ceiling that can be used to support the weight of a rail (and its curtain) below them.

After that, all you need do is to place the curtain on its rod/rail and pull your Hanging Room Divider backwards and forwards to suit your needs.

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