What Is Product Feed Management And Who Uses It?

What Is Product Feed Management And Who Uses It?

In today’s high tech world with new digital applications becoming available all the time, there is a tendency to find one’s self swamped in all the jargon maybe to such an extent that you cannot tell the sense apart from the gobbledygook. Take the phrase “Product Feed Management” for example; the individual words all have reasonably clear and relatively unambiguous meanings but, if you lump them all together in a single phrase, the total meaning can become obscured to many.

Is Product Feed Data Management Any Clearer?

Maybe it’s the word “feed” that introduces the confusion? Feed is nearly always associated with food (animal or human) but this can be taken somewhat figuratively as when a prompter feeds the lines to an actor or, when a pipeline feeds water into a reservoir. Take this a stage further and you come to a news feed which makes it only natural for the computer brethren to have come up with the term Rich Site Summary feed (RSS) to cover the way in which frequently updated information is fed onto the World Wide Web. Organizing the way in which information (about items that are for sale) is fed to the web is what is meant by Product Feed Management.

E-commerce can only function on the web and people who wish to sell products online need to feed their information in the form of a web data feed to the website(s) involved. Product Feed Data Management is, thus, an ideal way to describe how their data gets online.

Achieving Good Product Data Feed Management

Even for somebody selling products on their own dedicated online store will have the need to both monitor and update the data available to be seen by their prospective customers. Data concerning delivery availability is, perhaps, the area most susceptible to changes and, hence, the one most in need of constant updating.

However, online selling has now gone well beyond the point of setting up your own dedicated website (where how you deal with the web feed could be left entirely up to you and your personal skill levels). These days, there is a proliferation of online purchase portals and shopping comparison sites which an online seller can avail themselves of in the unending search for new customers and increased orders.

However, for your product to appear on such sites, there are rigid rules as to the formatting of the file used as your data feed and, unless you follow these rules, your product will not appear on the site. Fortunately, for those who are not computer experts, companies like SmartFeed Inc can be called upon to write your product feeds for you.

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