What Not to Do When Making a Pork Rub

A pork rub is typically seen as one of the easiest, most fun parts of preparing a pork dish. The most complicated part is often just figuring out the correct amount of the different spices to put in. But like everything worth doing, it’s possible to do wrong. And it’s surprisingly easy to mess up an otherwise good rub. Obviously, if you’re wanting to prepare a pork rub in Columbus, GA, you’d probably like to avoid such a mess up. Here is a guide on what not to do when making a pork rub.

#1. Too much salt
Salt and sugar are the all-important base for any pork rub, but the ratio by which you apply the salt or sugar depends on the type of rub you want to make. Pork’s natural flavor tends to complement more sweet flavors than salty. So you should make sure that, while you have a moderate amount of salt in the rub, that you also have a slightly larger ratio of sugar. Too much salt and the flavor can be overwhelmed by the saltiness, which is something you’ll want to avoid when making a rub.

#2. Use the wrong flavors
Flavors (spices, powders, and other ingredients meant to add an extra zest to the rub) come in all shapes and sizes, but certain flavors are meant with certain rubs. For example, with a pork rub, many of the great chefs around the world tend to use flavors like coriander, thyme, or onion powder. Meanwhile, spices like oregano or rosemary might not get you the results you desire from your pork rub, at least compared to other flavors recommended for use with pork rubs. Not to say that you cannot use these flavors, but that you’d have to be particularly clever in your application to make them work.

#3. Too much pepper
Pepper is a delicate part of the process, as you cannot undo if you make a mistake. The mistake, in this case, would be applying too much to the mix. Pepper is like cinnamon, in that it’s not meant to be ingested it on its own, so we need to be careful about how much we apply to food. Too much pepper, and the rub becomes overbearing, barely edible except to those with the highest tolerance. Be conservative in your application of pepper and taste test until you have the right amount of flavor for you.

If this has helped you, and you’re ready to prepare your pork rub, come to Stripling’s General Store to find all the ingredients you’ll need.

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