What to Expect During a Professional Pool Cleaning in Pearland

What to Expect During a Professional Pool Cleaning in Pearland

One of the best ways to make the outside of your home an exciting space that encourages everyone in your family to enjoy the great outdoors is to install a pool. While the initial installation is one of the biggest headaches, it can also be a lot of work to keep your pool clean and the chemicals at acceptable levels. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the headache of maintaining your pool alone. A pool service will provide you with a weekly pool cleaning in Pearland so you can spend your time enjoying your pool, and not have to spend it cleaning and measuring chemical levels. The following is what you can expect when a professional shows up to help you with your pool maintenance routine.

Initial Chemical Level Assessment

Before they start cleaning your pool, they will conduct an assessment of the chemical levels in your water. This will help them determine what needs to be added to keep your water clear and safe for you to swim in. If there are any problems, they may close your pool for a period of 24 hours to give the chemicals time to achieve optimum levels.

Mechanical Component Check

After the water has been treated, they will then inspect the mechanical components of your pool system. This includes a thorough exam of your pump and filtration system, as well as a test of any water heating devices that you may have installed. It is imperative to have this checked so you can avoid surprises and expensive repair bills in the future.

Internal Pool Cleaning

Once all of the assessments are completed, the technician helping you with pool cleaning in Pearland will then begin emptying your skimmer basket, removing large debris and vacuuming and scrubbing the walls and floor of your pool. Not doing this on a regular basis can cause algae to form and make your pool dangerous to swim in.

Make sure you are doing what you can to keep your pool clean by letting a professional give you a hand. If you are ready to make maintaining your pool easy, contact Cryer Pools and Spas, Inc. They have been providing pool maintenance and cleaning services for over 15 years, and will keep yours beautiful all season. Call them or visit Cryerpools.com to learn more.


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