What to Expect During and After Eyelid Surgery in CT

What to Expect During and After Eyelid Surgery in CT

Eyes have the ability to express many different emotions by winking, squinting, or even opening them wide. As you age, however, the delicate skin around the eyes begins to lose its elasticity. The skin below the eyebrow may even droop so much that it touches the top eyelashes. The sagging skin makes many people appear sad or tired, even if they are not. Thankfully, a simple Eyelid Surgery in CT is often all it takes to make eyes look happy and youthful once again.

The clinical name for eyelid plastic surgery is blepharoplasty. It is a very common procedure that only takes a few hours to complete. In fact, it is usually done on an outpatient basis. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make a small incision in the natural fold, or crease, of the upper lid. Loose skin is trimmed away, and excess fat is removed. If the patient also has sagging skin on the lower lid, the surgeon will make a tiny cut along the lower lash line. Fat around the lower lid is taken out, and the muscle tissue may be rearranged. Once the surgeon is pleased with the results, the incisions are closed up with tiny stitches, which are usually unnoticeable.

After Eyelid Surgery in CT, the patient may notice some pain around the incisions. The eyes may be slightly puffy. Blurry vision and watery eyes are also common for brief time. The patient will be asked to refrain from touching their eyes during the initial healing stage. Contact lenses should not be worn for two weeks, and the eyes should be protected with sunglasses when outdoors. The healing process is usually quick after this surgery. Most patients even return to work after a day or two. After the sutures are removed, the remaining scar is virtually invisible.

Drooping eyelids can make people look much older than they are. A simple outpatient cosmetic procedure can take years off of your face. This type of cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular in the last decade. Not only is it performed on those who are fighting the signs of aging, but blepharoplasty is also common with young adults who have hooded eyes. Visit Martincosmeticsurgery.com to see if you are a candidate for eyelid plastic surgery.

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