What You Need to Know About Regulation 4 in Los Angeles

Chief’s regulation 4 in Los Angeles is clear when it comes to what your responsibility is. This regulation is focused on the inspection requirements of fire safety protection equipment. To comply with regulation 4 in Los Angeles there are a specific set of rules that property owners must comply with.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

As a property owner in Los Angeles it is your responsibility to work with a certified fire inspection team to have fire safety equipment inspected on a specific schedule including:

*     All Occupancies – 1 year
*     Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems – 5 years
    Basic Fire Warning Systems – 1 year
*     Class H Standpipe Systems – 5 years
    Class I, II, and III Standpipe Systems – 5 years
*     Complex Fire Warning Systems – 1 year
    Elevators, Automatic – 1 year
*     Emergency Generator and Lighting Systems
*     Fire Pumps – 1 year
    Smoke Management Systems – 1 year
*     Combined Standpipe Systems – 5 years
*     Central Station Signaling Systems – 1 year

(according to the www.lafd.org)

A certification must be filed by a certified testing service.


If defects are found, you have a limited time to get the repairs done. You have 30 days to get the repairs and retesting done but you should get them done as soon as possible. The laws are in place to ensure that property owners are doing all that is necessary to protect their property and to increase safety in the community.

Choosing the Right Source

It is vital for compliance purposes to ensure that you choose the right source to meet your needs. The right source will be certified and have the experience that is necessary to manage your inspections, documentation and make repairs quickly when necessary.

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