Where’s the beef? Ohio!

Where’s the beef? Ohio!

Ohioans love their beef. They purchase about $4 billion of beef every year. Today, there are 17,400 beef farms in Ohio, with a total of 1.23 million head of cattle worth approximately $1.35 billion. Ohio is 16th in the nation for number of beef farms. There is a beef farm in every county in the state, each herd averaging 15 head. But Ohio beef isn’t only served up on American dinner plates. Meat from approximately 40,000 head of cattle from Ohio—about $12 million worth—are exported out of the country every year.

Growing Demand, Growing Herds

Ohio’s cattle herds are growing this year. “Buckeye” ranchers have grown their stock 2% since 2013, being one of only a few states to do so, according to the USDA. Apparently Americans aren’t caving to pressure from celebrities and political forces to give up beef after all. Though American herds have decreased significantly since 1990, they are now increasing with new demand. Ohio’s pastures have done well this year in comparison to other states that have suffered from drought and other weather-related problems.

A Beefy History

The great state of Ohio played a vital role in the history of the American beef industry. In 1805 the first cattle drive in the northern states started in Ohio and moved cattle, hogs, sheep and turkeys to the East Coast. The first ever meat packing plant was opened in Cincinnati in 1818, earning the city the nickname “Porkopolis,” though pork and beef were processed here.

Beef on the Menu

Being a beef loving state, there are, of course, many great beef and steakhouse restaurants in Ohio. Forrest and Leroy Raffel established Arby’s Roast Beef Restaurant in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio. The name, “Arby’s,” was based on the initials R.B. for “Raffel Brothers.” Wendy’s Restaurant, which sells beef hamburgers, was founded in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. Frank and Charles Menches of Akron, Ohio invented the hamburger in 1885. They were traveling a concession circuit in Hamburg, New York, serving sandwiches at the Erie County Fair. They ran out of pork and substituted ground beef mixed with brown sugar and coffee. Originally the “Liberty Inn,” Medina Steak & Seafood Co.—rumored to be haunted— has been in business in Medina, Ohio, since 1858.

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