Why Food Trucks Should Consider Catering

Food trucks number around 9 million in the United States. The number fluctuates since, like many restaurants, some do not make it in this business. While many are content with serving clients within a specific range, others are not. For some, the extent of their external involvement is the attendance of food truck fairs or food truck parades. Others are not as content. They have bigger plans. They have expanded into catering.

Why Food Trucks Consider Catering

Catering is big business in America. Some statistics place the industry figure at $7.1-billion-a-year. This is a temptingly large amount. For ambitious food trucks, this may seem the best and easiest way to use what they have to become a going concern. In fact, if you own a food truck, you may consider entering the catering business for several reasons. Among these benefits are:

  • Increasing the amount of revenue you receive – catering provides you with an immediate amount of money directly
  • Potentially expanding markets by introducing your food truck food to clients who may otherwise not be aware of it
  • Having a definite and prepaid clientele without worrying if anyone will show up that date
  • Knowing exactly what ingredients you will need and for how many people. This takes the guess work and (theoretically) prevents you from running out of any items
  • Potentially obtaining more catering events through providing food for one such event. This includes recommendations from those whose events for which you provide food. It also means those who attend may also consider you for handling the food for their event
  • Removes the hassle from legal problems that may interfere with food truck operations including parking by-laws in certain neighborhoods at specific times

Overall, catering is a wonderful way for a food truck owner to expand his or her business base while risking little to no capital.

Advertising Your Catering

The market for catering events is not restricted. Although the location of the event may have some effect on whether using a food truck as a caterer is effective, in general, you are only slowed down by your imagination. Everything from simple office parties to large weddings can and have turned to food trucks, such as those by Moty’s Grill, to supply the necessary food requirements.

What is important is to make sure your clients and potential customers know about this aspect of your business. List it beside the menu posted on your truck. Include it in any visual advertising. Above all, make sure your menus and social media pages state your interest in catering clearly and concisely for everyone to see.

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