Why Prefer Pure Cane Sugar?

Why Prefer Pure Cane Sugar?

Sugar – it is a common topic these days. We understand that everyone is talking about it. They want to understand the truth about what they are purchasing. In fact, with sugar, it is not all bad news. We know that, while cane sugar may be viewed as bad for you, pure cane sugar certainly should not be.

What Is Pure Cane Sugar?

The problem lies with the definition. While cane sugar traditionally comes from sugar cane, what you often find in stores is not strictly cane sugar. It may actually be beet root sugar or a combination of beet root and cane sugar. At Organic Merchants, Co., we do not sell anything but pure cane sugar. It is labelled as both organic and, of course, gluten free cane sugar.

The products we sell are derived from the tropical plant – sugar cane. For centuries, people have turned to it as a sweetener. The sugar is extracted as it always has been – through crushing the cane. In the process, the juices are squeezed out. These are then evaporated leaving behind a delicious if a concentrated amount of raw sugar. To keep it pure, cane sugar must then be processed only in a facility that only handles cane sugar – not beet but only cane sugar.

As a result, the final product is exactly that pure. It is sugar that is the product of sugar cane and only sugar cane plants.  There are no other “sugars” added. We keep it pure and simple so that the flavor and nutritional goodness remains. The labels proudly and clearly proclaim its clarity. Organic pure cane sugar is listed as the sole ingredient on such products as:

1. Table sugar
2. Caster sugar
3. Sugar  cubes
4. Light  sugar
5. Dark  brown sugar

Why You Might Prefer Organic Pure Cane Sugar

If you are wondering about why so many prefer pure cane sugar, the reasons are not always obvious. They are personal but we have narrowed them down to a few. Among the ones that our clients have given us can be found the following:

1. Taste: They simply think that pure cane sugar tasted better than other adulterated sugars.
2. Performance: Some who have tried both types find that in specific recipes, the results are so much better when the organic pure cane sugar is used.
3. Appearance: There are always those who like the look and even the touch of organic and gluten free pure cane sugar over the refined mixtures.

Overall, you need to try our cane sugar before you come up with your own reasons. Simply order a small batch of our pure cane sugar today and, we can guarantee you should be able to taste the difference quality and purity makes.

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