Wide Format Printer or Plotter – There is a Difference

If you need a large or oversized print project in Charlotte NC, you probably can’t use a standard printing machine. In fact, you have two main options. You could send the job to a print shop or do it yourself with a wide format printer. However, some companies choose to use large format plotters instead. There is a difference between a printer and a plotter and here is information to help eliminate confusion on the subject.

How Do Print Machines Work?

A typical wide format printer takes in paper or media as wide as five feet. It can print on many kinds of paper and materials. It’s especially useful for printing glossy posters and advertising media. The material feeds into the machine, and it applies ink or toner to the paper. It usually uses rollers to feed paper. It offers a cost-effective solution for many oversized print jobs.

What Are Plotters

Plotters are sometimes called graphic print machines, and they create line drawings and images by using an automated drawing device. With the help of computer controlled commands, a plotter can draw lines from one point to another with great accuracy and in high-resolution. Some machines can produce images as wide as six feet. Plotters don’t see a great deal of use in the 21st Century except for professions like architects, building designers, and engineers.

What’s the Best Choice?

If you need extremely accurate drawings and plans, a plotter may be the best choice. However, when you need to print out large projects for advertising or other business uses, it’s usually better to go with a large format printer. It’s cheaper to operate, and the initial cost is cheaper than a plotter. You can choose an ink jet or laser printer, and when you lease your equipment in Charlotte NC, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits.

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