Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers help in keeping the oxygen levels at check

Oxygen may be an essential gas for the survival of living being, but it is not necessarily advantageous when it comes to industries especially if it is present at higher levels. In fact in certain industries like those producing pure gas oxygen is considered a contaminant which produces spurious products.

The oxygen level is a major issue for those industries dealing with food or other related products as its presence it higher amount may lead to spoilage. The best way to determine the level of oxygen in any system is by the use of oxygen analyzers. There are many types of oxygen analyzers available in the market. Each of them works on different principles and conditions, but the major idea lies the same i.e. measuring the oxygen concentration. One of the popular analyzer is the zirconia oxygen analyzer.

The Zirconia oxygen analyzers works on the basic principle that zirconia produces oxygen ions at very high temperatures. These analyzers thereby use the conductivity of zirconia ceramic cells to determine the oxygen content. If you compare it with the other oxygen analyzers in the market like paramagnetic analyzers you will be able to outline both pros and cons of these analyzers. These analyzers require a reference gas with respect to which sample gas is measured, and the data is interpreted. Being an solid electrochemical analyzer the sample gas to be measured is passed through the device and the movement of oxygen ions in the set up leads to a generation of an electromotive force which is measured. The device is highly reliable and very accurate at measuring even trace amount of gas. This type of analyzer gives efficient results and is capable of measuring even trace amounts of the gas.

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